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Welcome A-Table du Grand Motol into our family!

15/06/2013 19:48
Bella gave us 5 wonderful puppies and one boy enlarged our family: A-Table du Grand Motol


27/08/2012 14:22

Bella becoming Czech Champion!!!!!

26/08/2012 20:47


17/12/2011 17:13
Born on 04.11.2009 from Felecita and Andy Bady-Ron Stud female: weight 8 kg, hight 35 cm, color black Bella is exactly what a perfect Boston should be. She is a temperamental lady who knows what she wants. She is playful, very affectionate, loves her hugs and kisses, and she is a true part of...

About us

20/11/2011 17:50
My name is Katja. I moved from Belgium to Prague in 2005, where I got my first Boston girl, my baby and my best friend, (Bella) Charmante Bady-Ron, whose existence I have to thank to an admirable Czech breeder, Dagmar Vasicka. Our hearts and spirits fully belong to this exceptional and...

Bella winning Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!

06/11/2011 17:25
at the international dog show in Prague, judge Frencesco Cochetti

Bella winning Excellent 1, CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB

28/08/2011 17:27
at the international dog show in Mlada Boleslav, judge Bozena Ovesna

Bella winning Excellent 2, res. CAC

17/07/2011 17:32
at the national dog show in Mlada Boleslav. Judge Alena Kostalkova
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