A-Table du Grand Motol

Born on 29.9.12 from

CH Chramante Bady-Ron (Bella) and

C.I.B. Very French Boston du Grand Fresnoy


Pedigree: https://www.bostonterrier.be/bostondb/details.php?id=12564



Very Promising 1 in Baby Class: International CACIB Show in Brün, 2.2.2013, judge Dr Nemanja Jovanovic

Very Promising 1 in Puppy Class: International CACIB Show in Czech Budweis, 31.3.2013, judge I. Beradze

Excelent 2 in Young Class (Jugendklasse): International CACIB Show in Mlada Boleslav, 21.7.2013, judge M. Vaclavik


Finally, it is so far! After 3,5 years : 6 months of playing with the idea about the second Boston (of, course, from my Bella!) and 3 years of shows with Bella and one very sad and tragic experience with the first pregnancy of Bella it is so far -  big day came. On the 29th of September 2012, Bella gave us 5 wonderful puppies, 2 girls and 3 boys. We are so overwhelmed and happy and always remembering this day.

A difficult task is in front of us: try to choice one from these 5 wonderful creatures.. Who will stay with us? A girl or a boy? I want a girl because no experience with a boy. But.. it shall be a boy. Why? Because a girl would wish puppies in 2-3 years and I just cannot: otherwise I will keep them all!!! No no no. So, it will be a boy. But which one from 3? So I let Bella the choice. And she picked up one – a puppy with who she had being playing most. And this it show it works today. They have great fun together. Playing and playing, no place for jealousy or malice. Only joy, fun and love.

I have to admit I was not unhappy about Bella’s choice. The boy she picked was the biggest one and I go for bigger Bostons. He is the biggest due to his appetite and this is how he deserved his name: A-Table du Grand Motol (French reading which means: Go to Table ). We call him Tabi. And Tabi is really eating everything.. He loves vegetables and fruits. Easy to train with food and I am satisfied how he is doing at school. With 6months Tabi had 9 kg. Nonetheless, he is very slim, a Boston with high legs and black as coal. Springing as a frog, naughty boy, fond of his mom (me!) and making us laugh each day. Successful in first shows, we will see what future will bring. Wish us good luck.