17/12/2011 17:13

Born on 04.11.2009 from Felecita and Andy Bady-Ron

Stud female: weight 8 kg, hight 35 cm, color black

Bella is exactly what a perfect Boston should be. She is a temperamental lady who knows what she wants. She is playful, very affectionate, loves her hugs and kisses, and she is a true part of our family. It is amazing to see how a small creature like her can be such an individual, so brave and clever. Bostons’ intelligence ensures they pick things up quickly and so did Bella. From the very first days at her new home she learned so many commands, and in a couple of weeks became a master in agility!

Bella is obsessed with food! She would do everything for a piece of anything. We have to look after her figure and weigh her food each day. This perpetually happy animal gives us a ton of positive energy every single day. She finds joy in the smallest thing and this is a feature I so much respect her for.

Bostons are not just dogs – they are much more…


Club Junior Champion

BOB, CACIB, CAC - International Dog Show, Prague, 2011, Judge Francesco Cochetti

CAC - International Dog Dhow, Budweis, 2011, Judge Olga Dolejsova

CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB - International Dow Show, Mlada Boleslav, 2011, judge Bozena Ovesna

Res. CAC - National Dog Show, Mlada Boleslav, 2011, judge A. Kostalova

Excellent 2 - National Dog Show, Klatovy CR, 2011, judge Antonin Mudra

Excellent 3 - Regional Dog Show, Mlada Boleslav, judge Vondrous

Excellent 3 - Club Dog Show, Nizbor, 2010, judge Iuza Beradze

Excellent - Club Dog Show, Mlada Boleslav, judge A. Kostalkova

Excellent 2 - Club Dog Show, Prague, judge Bozena Ovesna